In the period between 1960 and 1970 Eularia Clarke painted over 88 canvasses of Gospel illustrations and patterns of Catholic worship. She felt called to do this from an early age setting her work in the present day to show that the Gospels are living in our daily lives and not in distant historical events.

Her vision was to have as many people as possible see her work as a collection, but housing it all in one place, where it can be displayed, has always been a challenge.

This virtual gallery, created by the Eularia Clarke Trust, who now own and manage her collection, realizes that vision in a way that Eularia would have rejoiced in.

Eularia’s collection is available to be borrowed for exhibitions and the Euarlia Clarke Trust provide talks and presentations on request.

A full illustrated biography is now available from Amazon. Eularia Clarke: Painter of Religion by Rebecca Sherlaw-Johnson priced £14.99/$19.99/ €17.87.